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Shenzhen kairui Opto-Elec Co., Ltd, que participan en Protectores de pantalla y la caja del teléfono móvil, proporciona el servicio complejo y hacer todas sus transacciones más eficaz con el equipo profesional de ventas, madurar la tecnología en la fabricación, el estricto control de calidad (IQC, IPQC para cada línea, FQC, OQC, QE), Profesional departamento I + D de tamaño recién precisa para el tamaño del teléfono-venta caliente modles' de antemano.


Shenzhen kairui Opto-Elec Co., Ltd.

  • Why need use tempered glass screen protector instead of PET

    Glass material VS Other material Your first decision is whether you want to go for glass or plastic. Plastic, admittedly, tends to be less expensive and thinner, but it has some cons to it. It can scratch fairly easily and won’t last as long as a glass option will. Opting for this material will l...

  • How to sell a smart phone?

     Before you start this process, back up your data by following the excellent advice for iPhone users from Patrick Holland on CNET and for Android users by Jason Cipriani, also from CNET. Make sure you have everything you need for your new phone before deleting everything off your old phone. Unpai...

  • What are the protective effects of tempered glass film on mobile phones

    For smart phones, its screen is very susceptible to external influences. If you don’t pay attention, the screen will be scratched. After a long time of use, the screen will become more and more blurred, and finally the screen cannot be seen clearly. Contents, but, the mobile phone tempered glass ...

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