Anti-blue light eye protection tempered glass screen protector

The phone protects the eyes more. Anti-blue light tempered glass film, blue light AB glue is the core. There are many types of mobile phone protective films on the market, mainly PET mobile phone protective film and tempered glass film. For Meicheng anti-blue light tempered glass film, the core is the technology of blue light AB glue.


The anti-blue light tempered glass film is composed of tempered glass 2 and special anti-blue light AB glue. The blue light AB adhesive produced by Meicheng is an anti-blue light double-sided adhesive with optical grade transparent PET as the base material. One side is silicone and the other is OCA optical adhesive. The silicone (automatic exhaust) is attached to the touch screen, and the OCA optical adhesive is attached to the tempered glass. And blue light blocking 30%, can relieve visual fatigue.




In the process of processing, we must first ensure the quality of the AB glue itself, and also control the thickness of the AB glue. If the quality of the glue itself is not good, it is easy to cause warping, bubbles, watermarks and other phenomena, and if the glue is too thick, it will also affect the light transmittance of the screen display.

The latest scientific research shows that mobile phones, tablets, and computer screens emit high-energy blue light. This harmful blue light can directly penetrate the lens to reach the retina, causing damage to the retina and macula.


The World Health Organization Eye Care Association also issued an orange warning: “The potential hidden threat of blue light radiation to human beings will far exceed the destructiveness of Sudan red, melamine, SARS, and H1N1 viruses, and virtually swallow people’s eyes.” And anti-blue light Tempered glass mobile phone film “Love Eye”, which is tested by the national authoritative testing department, can effectively block harmful rays such as high-energy short-wave blue light and ultraviolet rays generated by mobile phone screens, anti-glare nano (nm) battery waves, relieve visual fatigue, clear and free Dead corners, high-definition light transmission, restore the true color of the screen, no tears, no dizziness, no headache, and eye protection.

Post time: May-12-2022