Can a mobile phone stick with a toughened film to prevent broken screens?

1. The hardness of the mobile phone screen is generally between 6.5-8, and the hardness of tempered glass is generally between 6.5-7. Therefore, under normal circumstances, your screen is not scratched when the tempered film is attached, so do not attach the tempered film. The same will not scratch.

2. Therefore, is it superfluous to stick the tempered film on the mobile phone? Not necessarily. In normal times, the knives, keys and other things we touch are generally not very hard, so it is difficult to scratch the screen of the mobile phone.

3. However, the hardness of small stones and sand is about 8, so there will be a certain threat to the screen. It is safer to stick to the tempered glass, which is very expensive compared to the screen.

Can a mobile phone stick with a toughened film to prevent broken screens?

4. Put the toughened film on it and hit it with a heavy object. The screen is still easy to burst, but we don’t deliberately test it as a brick in our lives, so how can we not tolerate it in our daily fall?

5. When you drop the phone from a few meters high, you can see that no matter how many tempered films you put on, almost all of them are broken, including the screen. That is to say, when the phone is dropped, the tempered film does not have a floor cushioning measure, which is often easy to stop. Shattered.

6. Therefore, we have concluded that in the case of a fall, it is not the tempered film to protect the screen, because the tempered film does not have a cushioning effect.

Seven, the mobile phone case has a buffering effect, which can reduce the probability of screen fragmentation. The toughened film is only used to prevent scratches on the screen, so if you really want to protect the phone, it is recommended to change to a phone case with a better buffer.

Post time: Sep-29-2021