How to choose a suitable tempered film for your phone

Why stick the phone’s tempered film?

1. Should I stick the film and wear the shell?

This question is also a commonplace talk. Any kind of viewpoint has its own support and even fundamentalism. The individual is currently like this. If the daily work is a two-point and one-line situation, only the film is not covered in the daily work. If it is a business trip or out of office shooting ( Especially outdoors) will definitely stick to the film and wear a cover, which is also considered risk aversion. In addition to the expensive repair costs, the iPhone itself is also really slippery. It is really easy to slip by hands every day, and even the place is too slippery. It slips off by itself, so non-attentive friends personally recommend that you wear a film cover. 


2. What are the effects of the film besides its protection?

In fact, in addition to protection, the current mobile phone glass film on the one hand, in order to increase the selling point gimmick, may also have the effect of filtering blue light, peeping and oleophobic coating. Filtering blue light and peeping at many people will affect the display effect of the mobile phone. I personally don’t use it, but it does not prevent someone from needing it. The oleophobic coating enhances this. Personally, I think it is more practical. I believe everyone misses the new phone. When you get it, the screen will be slippery, and it will be very clean with a simple wipe. If your phone’s oleophobic coating has disappeared, you can actually restore the factory effect by pasting a glass film. In addition, I know that some people will say that the liquid coating purchased on Taobao, DIY oleophobic coating, personally tested, the effect is not comparable to the original mobile phone or the mobile phone glass film. It can be said that after the oleophobic coating of your mobile phone disappears, sticking a mobile phone glass film is the best way to compensate. After all, the oleophobic coating has a significant improvement effect on the hand feel, especially for heavy mobile phone users or mobile game users.

Now, as people’s economic strength rises, most people generally choose some high-end machines from big brands, which means that people are more precious to them. After buying a new mobile phone, the first thing to do is to choose a suitable tempered film for the mobile phone. After all, the tempered film can protect the phone screen. I wonder if you like to replace the tempered film on your phone regularly? In fact, many people can stick films, but it is not ruled out that others do not like sticking films.

Post time: Dec-30-2020