How to choose tempered film?

Tempered film is a mobile phone screen protective film, which can completely cover the screen surface of the mobile phone to prevent damage and scratches from external forces, and increase impact absorption. Tempered film is currently a product with enhanced protection for protecting the screen. How to choose tempered film?

1. Cutting process

There are basically three cutting processes for mobile phone tempered film: straight edge, 2.5D arc edge, and 3D arc edge. The edge of the straight-edge tempered film is right-angled, and it will be a little bit awkward if it is not polished; the 2.5D arc-edge tempered film is chamfered by a glass scanner, and the feel is smoother; the 3D arc-edge tempered film must be bent by a hot bending machine. The feel and the screen are basically the same, but the price will be higher.

How to choose tempered film?

2. Thickness

Now the thickness of the tempered film is about 0.1mm-0.3mm. The thinner the tempered film must be, the better the hand feel and transmittance, and the tougher. Some good quality tempered films can be bent close to 180 degrees.


Nowadays, there are many high-quality tempered films that are anti-fingerprint. The anti-fingerprint effect promoted by businesses basically refers to the addition of an oleophobic layer on the surface of the tempered film. But this only means that it can reduce the residue of fingerprints, and it is easier to wipe, and it cannot completely eliminate fingerprints.

4.anti-blue light

The anti-blue light tempered film just dyes the glass a yellow-brown color, and you can achieve the same effect by lowering the brightness of the screen.


Nowadays, the amount of ultraviolet rays emitted from mobile phone screens is almost negligible, but although the amount of ultraviolet rays is very small, other ordinary glass can also reduce it by half, but the anti-ultraviolet effect of the tempered film will be better.

Post time: Jul-07-2021