Is the film that comes with Huawei mobile phone a tempered film?

No, the film that comes with the mobile phone is generally not a tempered film, but an ordinary TP film.

Tempered glass mobile phone film is a new mobile phone protective film launched in China in 2012. It is a high-end new product with the most enhanced protection for the screen.

The thickness of this protective layer is only 0.1 mm, which can completely cover the original screen surface, prevent damage and scratches from external forces, and increase shock absorption, which is 5 times higher than the standard of PET film. Does not affect the video effect of the screen.

The specific operation steps of Huawei mobile phone film are as follows:

1. Use a small rag with alcohol to wipe the screen of the mobile phone until it is wiped clean.

2. After the screen is wiped clean, then use a small dry cloth to carefully wipe the screen and frame of the mobile phone, and carefully wipe the alcohol and dirt remaining on the mobile phone.

3. Then align the mobile phone protective film to the position of the mobile phone receiver, and then slowly put it down, so that the mobile phone film is automatically adsorbed to the mobile phone screen. After the adsorption is good, slowly drag the remaining unripped part of the protective film.

4. In the process of pasting, some bubbles will be generated more or less. At this time, you need to use a bubble scratch card to push the bubbles to the unpasted part of the mobile phone screen or the edge of the screen.

5. After attaching the mobile phone film, pull up the guide label, tear off a layer of protective film on the surface of the mobile phone film, and then the film is completed.

Post time: Apr-24-2022