The characteristics of mobile phone eye protection anti-blue light tempered film

Mobile phone anti-blue light tempered film can really prevent blue light, can it protect the eyes? Many people will have such doubts in their minds, and many people directly think that this product is a gimmick, but when we learn about its craftsmanship, we know whether it is useful. We should not be too arbitrary in looking at things, and hit to death with a single stick, so that this kind of health eye care products cannot widely benefit thousands of households.

The core material is the anti-blue AB glue.

The anti-blue light AB glue is attached to the mobile phone’s tempered glass film to make a mobile phone anti-blue light tempered film, and the anti-blue light AB glue is an anti-blue light double-sided tape with an optical-grade transparent PET substrate, one side is silicone and the other is OCA optics Glue, silica gel (automatic exhaust) is attached to the touch screen, and OCA optical glue is attached to the tempered glass. The optical-grade transparent PET substrate itself has the function of blocking blue light. It is made with nano-multilayer laminated technology, and the blue light blocking is 30%, which can achieve the effect of alleviating visual fatigue.

The characteristics of mobile phone eye protection anti-blue light tempered film

In processing, the quality of AB glue must be guaranteed first, and the thickness of AB glue must be controlled. If the quality of the colloid itself is not good, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of edge warping, bubbles, watermark, etc., and if the glue is too thick, it will also affect the light transmittance of the screen display.

Features of Blu-ray AB glue:

1. Block blue light, relieve eye fatigue,

2. Ultra-thin, the thickness is only 0.1mm, which will not affect the overall thickness of the tempered glass film at all.

3. Super adsorption, automatic exhaust with tempered glass, no need to scratch, one suction to the end,

4. 90% high transparency effect, close to the real experience of nature,

5. There is no watermark, and the quality and quantity are truly guaranteed.

6. The material has no residual glue, no foam, stable performance,

Most of the anti-blue light films on the market use the surface coating method, and the anti-blue light steel film for mobile phones using blue light AB glue can more effectively resist the blue light of the screen and reduce the damage to the eyes.

Post time: Sep-09-2021