The difference between mobile phone explosion-proof membrane and tempered membrane

1. The theme of the tempered glass film is a hard piece of glass, a high-tech protective film specially designed to protect the screen. It is currently a high-end new product that strengthens the protection of the screen. It is also popular in the cash mobile phone film market and is deeply consumed. Welcome and love of the readers. The thickness of this protective film is mainly 0.4 mm, 0.3 mm, and even 0.2 mm has appeared. This is considered to be an ultra-thin category. It can prevent damage from external forces, scratches, and increase impact absorption. It is more protective than PET. The standard of the membrane is 5 times higher. If it is really hit by a strong impact or dropped from a height, the toughened glass film will break first instead of the phone screen, which can be called the second screen of the phone.

The difference between mobile phone explosion-proof membrane and tempered membrane2.The hardness, scratch resistance, impact resistance and friction resistance are very strong. Ordinary film will appear fraying after a period of time, and the tempered glass film will use a blade to scrape the surface without scratches. It has undergone 9H hardness treatment, which is the anti-scratch index; the surface of the colleague has been treated with anti-fingerprint oiling process, which can prevent oil and fingerprints. It has a hand feel, easy to eat, and no bubbles. And it will not affect the video effect of the screen, and the picture is high and clear. The tempered glass film can completely cover the mobile phone screen without affecting the use of mobile phone cases and other mobile phone accessories. Now it can also be made into a blue light mobile phone explosion-proof film with the function of blocking blue light and protecting the eyes. People have to admire the continuous innovation of a seemingly simple mobile phone film product, and it has also begun to bring more benefits to people.

Post time: Jul-21-2021