The phone must not be replaced for a long time after the tempered film is attached

Nowadays, the function of the mobile phone is no longer designed to be purely for calling. Now it has become a smart device integrating calling, entertainment, and payment, which greatly facilitates people’s daily life. Although mobile phones are not luxury items, they are frequently used in people’s lives, so people also pay attention to the maintenance of mobile phones. The price-performance ratio of mobile phones has always been the focus of people’s pursuit, and it is also the selling point of business rendering. Outstanding performance will attract buyers, but the “face value” is also something that cannot be ignored. Nowadays, the processor of the mobile phone produced is upgrading, but the thickness of the mobile phone is thinning, and the real sense of the real sense is to achieve the coexistence of good-looking and performance. But with this kind of appearance, the quality of the phone’s shell is getting worse. Therefore, in order to protect the mobile phone, people usually put a tempered film on the phone and cover it with a protective shell as soon as they get the mobile phone. After this set is done, you can use it with confidence. So, what happens if you don’t change the “tempered film” on your phone for a long time? Don’t destroy your phone after watching the price increase


Regarding this problem, some people think that the tempered film is to protect the screen of the mobile phone, so naturally it does not need to be replaced if it is not bad. Some people are more concerned about the feel of the mobile phone, and often feel that the tempered film feels bad after using it. Change one in a few days. In fact, it does not have to be broken to change the film. The tempered film is originally a glass material, which is glued to the screen. If the film is not changed for a long time, the edge of the film will turn yellow and become old, and it will gradually seep. The middle of the screen causes people to feel blurred when looking at the screen. At this time, tear off the film and you will find that the screen of the phone itself has been soaked, and the phone’s normal color rendering has become dim. The remedy at this step can only be replaced by a new one. The screen is up.

The use time of the toughened film should not be too long or too short. In fact, considering people’s pursuit of hand feel, the film manufacturer deliberately adds an oleophobic layer on the surface of the film to make the film not jerky or sticky to fingerprints. Therefore, most people who find it difficult to use within a few days are mostly psychological problems. Although the tempered film varies from a dozen to dozens of dollars per sheet, it is too wasteful to change one in three or two days, and the glue is sticky. The screen is not good. Due to the oleophobic layer, the shelf life of the tempered film is about half a year. Therefore, the best time to replace the tempered film is half a year. At this time, the glue of the membrane is not easy to deteriorate, and the oleophobic layer is almost worn out and just replaced.


Nowadays, the appearance of mobile phones is changeable, and manufacturers actually produce mobile phones with folding screens. Some netizens laughed and said that this is to make the tempered film manufacturers desperate. In fact, these are all jokes that mobile phones are advancing, and various accessories of mobile phones are also evolving. Of course, tempered film manufacturers that protect mobile phones must also develop new products.

Post time: Apr-06-2021