What are the benefits of mobile phone tempered glass protective film

For the current smart phone, its screen is easily affected by the outside world. If you accidentally scratch the screen, the screen will become more and more blurred over a long period of time, and the phone’s tempered glass protective film can avoid this. Appear.

What are the benefits of mobile phone tempered glass protective film

What are the benefits of tempered glass protective film:

1. Mobile phone toughened glass protective film is a transparent film attached to the smartphone screen. Many people often ask what are the uses of the tempered glass protective film for mobile phones? From the most basic aspect, the mobile phone tempered glass protective film is mainly to protect the mobile phone screen from being scratched. In addition, the mobile phone glass protective film can reduce the impact of the mobile phone when the mobile phone is dropped to the ground, thereby protecting the mobile phone from damage.

2. The thickness of the protective layer is only 0.1 mm, which can completely cover the original screen surface, prevent damage and scratches from external forces, and increase impact absorption, which is 5 times higher than the standard of PET film. Will not affect the video effect of the screen.

3. Introduction to Tempered Glass Tempered glass is an extension of ordinary flat glass. It can be cut and punched arbitrarily before tempering, which means that it is ordinary glass at this time; but once it has been tempered (referring to It cannot be processed again after entering the tempering furnace (high temperature treatment), which is its biggest feature.

Post time: Jan-05-2022