What are the benefits of using tempered glass film on mobile phones?

1. Safety performance

If the tempered glass is damaged by external forces, the fragments will become small fragments similar to the honeycomb shape, but without sharp corners, it will not cause harm to the human body.

2. The screen is clearer and more transparent

Our tempered film achieves optical-grade light transmittance and ultra-low reflection, which can ensure the clear picture of the mobile phone, the concave three-dimensional effect, improve the visual effect, and truly achieve high-definition and high light transmittance.

What are the benefits of using tempered glass film on mobile phones?

3. better anti-fingerprint traces

The surface polymer of the toughened film has undergone special anti-fingerprint treatment, and the fingerprint suppression is greatly improved compared with ordinary protective films. Of course, 100% anti-fingerprint in the current technology is impossible, but the application of a toughened glass protective film can greatly improve the anti-fingerprint effect.

4.the touch is smoother and responsive

The toughened film can well eliminate the jerky feeling of the ordinary mobile phone protective film. Yes, our touch is smoother, the mobile phone operation is more fluent, and the mobile phone responds more sensitively. Although the thickness is 3 times that of the ordinary film, the touch during use The response speed is even better.

5.easy to use

The product is light and thin, beautiful and practical, and has the dual functions of explosion protection and protection. It is convenient when it is touched and attached to a mobile phone. Anyone can attach it.

Post time: Sep-25-2021