What is the difference between mobile phone film and film?

Everyone is familiar with mobile phone film, after all, it is necessary for mobile phone protection. However, there are many types of mobile phone films on the market, and the quality is also uneven.

So what is the difference between the mobile phone film and the film?

The mobile phone film is mainly divided into two categories: soft film and hard film.

Soft film can be commonly understood as plastic film, mainly TPU/PET material, the most common is hydrogel film. Its advantages are light and thin, high transparency, and more comprehensive coverage. The more targeted model is the curved screen, which takes into account the firmness of the edges and ensures the touch screen.

Compared with tempered film, it has more plasticity and can play a certain role in anti-scratch. But it is more difficult to paste, and the protection performance of the mobile phone itself is not as good as that of the tempered film, and the edge is easy to enter the dust and be lifted.

The hard film is also called tempered film. The main material is glass, and the glass is tempered to become a tempered film. The tempered film is mainly divided into the following categories:

High-definition tempered film: It is the most common type of film, which is explosion-proof and scratch-resistant to protect mobile phones. The light transmittance is also OK, the film is simple, and it is not easy to foam.

Frosted tempered film: The surface of the mobile phone film is frosted to reduce specular reflection, effectively reduce fingerprints left on the screen, and increase the touch. However, the frosted treatment will sacrifice part of the light transmittance and affect the visual sense under certain circumstances.

Anti-peeping tempered film: Using the optical technology of blinds, the display area of ​​the screen is concentrated in the front reader’s perspective, which effectively prevents the mobile phone information from being peeped in use. However, such films have low light transmittance and limited angle, which will affect the visual perception of viewing.

Mirror tempered film: In addition to protection, the screen can also be used as a mirror, which is suitable for beauty-loving users. However, the display of screen content will be affected in sunlight.

Full-screen tempered film: divided into 2.5D full-screen and 3D full-screen, the inner side is curved, that is, a tempered film with a curvature, which can effectively fit the curved screen. Also the edges are prone to dust and a bit thick.

Anti-light tempered film: The more common ones are anti-blue light and green light tempered film. They are all films that protect the eyes from the visual protection of the screen. But to a certain extent, it will cause chromatic aberration and affect the look and feel.

Different mobile phone films have different characteristics, so when purchasing a mobile phone film, you should choose according to your own requirements. The quality of the mobile phone film is more due to the difference in the materials used. Those who do not understand the materials can refer to the price. After all, the expensive ones must have their reasons.

Post time: Apr-29-2022