What is the difference between tempered glass used for tempered film and ordinary glass

First of all, we must understand the origin and design of the tempered film?

The glass is immersed in potassium nitrate at a high temperature to produce a chemical effect to strengthen the properties of the glass, and then through a special treatment, we obtain the tempered film we are using now. The hardness of the tempered film after chemical reaction treatment can be greatly improved, and it is within the range of the touch sensitive thickness of the test mobile phone The thickness of the tempered film is designed so that it will not affect the touch screen feel, improve the scratch resistance and impact resistance of the glass, and also increase the service life of the smart phone or tablet screen, and will not affect the use of mobile phones or digital devices.


Tempered glass film is not the same thing as ordinary glass, and ordinary glass is also called window glass. Ordinary glass has the properties of light transmission, heat insulation, sound insulation, abrasion resistance, and weather resistance, and some have the characteristics of heat preservation, heat absorption, and radiation protection, so it is widely used in inlaid building doors, windows, walls, and indoors. Decoration etc.

The specifications of ordinary glass are usually divided into 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm according to the thickness, and 8mm and 10mm are also produced. Generally, the thickness of 2mm and 3mm is suitable for civil buildings, and the thickness of 4mm-6mm is used for industrial and high-rise buildings.

The tempered film is glass that has been heated and chemically reacted. After treatment, the strength of the tempered glass will increase and it will be more resistant to compression, but it will break when suddenly impacted, breaking into bead-shaped particles without sharp corners. Fragments, so tempered glass is also called safety glass.

The use of tempered film and ordinary glass

Tempered film is used to protect mobile phones, tablet computers and digital devices with displays.

Ordinary glass is used in inlaid building doors and windows, walls, interior decoration, etc.

Features of tempered film:

Smooth feel:
Adopting advanced 3D (curved surface) technology to make the tempered film closer to the mobile phone, perfect arc edge without scratching, anti-breaking, smoother hand feeling, and more fluent operation;

Although the thickness is three times that of the ordinary film, the AB glue is used on the back to make the tempered film fully fit the mobile phone and close to the screen. The design of the tempered film will also test the touch sensitive thickness range of the mobile phone to choose different thicknesses of glass, so it will not Affect the touch sensitivity of the touch screen, and use commonly used plasma spraying or high-end electroplating fingerprint oil, so that the touch is smooth and smooth during use, but the response speed is even better;

Strong protection:
Compared with plastic film and PET film, the toughened film has higher protection for mobile phones, and it is resistant to drop, impact and scratch.

Post time: Jan-19-2021