What kind of mobile phone film is better, are there any points when buying?

The mobile phone film is a kind of cold laminating film posted on the mobile phone screen, and its function is to protect the screen. There are many types of cell phone films, and there are many materials used to make cell phone films. Cell phone films of different types and materials also have different characteristics.

1. Common types of mobile phone films:

1) Anti-scratch film

This kind of mobile phone film has relatively high permeability and hardness, is abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant, can effectively scratch and stain, and protect the mobile phone from damage. To a certain extent, the tempered film is actually an extension of this film.

2) Matte film

As the name suggests, it is a mobile phone film with a frosted feel. This film has a good feel and is more comfortable to use.

3) Mirror film

The so-called mirror film means that it can play a role like a mirror, which means that this film has better reflectivity. When the light is dark, it can reflect light to a certain extent and bring a little light.

4) Privacy film

This is a mobile phone film that uses optical technology to make the image only visible within a certain angle range. In this way, it can be ensured that only the person in front of the phone can see the things on the screen, and the people around can not see clearly, thus protecting their privacy.What kind of mobile phone film is better

2. Commonly used mobile phone film materials

1) PP material

This is the earliest mobile phone film material, the scientific name is polypropylene. This kind of mobile phone film has very poor adsorption, it needs to use glue to assist when sticking it, and then it will leave a glue mark on the screen, so now mainstream mobile phone film manufacturers have abandoned this material.

2) PE material

This material is relatively soft and has good ductility and flexibility, but it also has no adsorption. It is posted using static electricity, and the PE material anilox film has good air permeability, and the effect presented on the mobile phone is also very beautiful.

3) PVC material

This material is softer and easier to stick. But it is thicker, the light transmittance is not very good, and the effect is not very beautiful. Moreover, PVC itself is a toxic material containing heavy metal components, so this material is completely banned in Europe, and now big-name manufacturers no longer use this material.

4) PET material

This is currently the most common cell phone film material on the market. Its texture is relatively hard, scratch-resistant and scratch-resistant. This material is used for plastic cola bottles. Its sticking relies on static electricity. Although it is easy to foam, it can be used after being removed and washed again. It is still very durable.

5) ARM material

ARM is a synthetic material, generally divided into three layers, silica gel is the adsorption layer, PET is the middle layer, and the outer layer is a special treatment layer. The film has high light transmittance, soft texture, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, and will not be scratched after long-term use. And it can also be removed and reused. It should be the best mobile phone film material on the market, but it is more expensive and not easy to buy.

6) OCA material

This material is used more on Apple mobile phones, and its brightness and hardness are better than other materials. It is currently a popular mobile phone film material.

3. Points to note when purchasing mobile phone film:

First of all, it must have extremely high wear resistance. After all, it is used to protect the mobile phone. If it is worn out after use, it is very troublesome. Moreover, frequent replacement of the mobile phone film is also a kind of damage to the mobile phone screen.

Then there is light transmittance. Basically do not consider the poor light transmittance of less than 90%. First, it is easy to not see the screen content, and the other is also eye-catching.

Another is easy to paste, can not leave bubbles after pasting, and can not leave traces of pasting.

The last is the price. The price of the mobile phone film on the market now ranges from a few to dozens of dollars, which is related to the material and function of the mobile phone film. Those with low quality and no functionality will naturally be very cheap. And those materials are relatively high-end and have certain functions, such as anti-blue light, anti-peeping, anti-radiation and other functional mobile phone films. Their prices are naturally much more expensive than ordinary mobile phone films.

Post time: Jun-09-2021