Which mobile phone film is better

At present , the main types for screen protectors is , clear , matte , silk full glue , edge glue fit for mobile phone , tablet , and car navigation ,watches , TV , LCD

 And now there are new amazing technology for it , thats anti-blue light , anti-static , anti-bacterial 

1.Anti-blue light , as we all known , all the LCD light has harm light to our skins , eyes , but we can not avoid it , we need to face mobile phone , tablet , tv and etc everyday  ,how to do ?anti-blue light tempered glass screenprotector can help us , which can prevent 380-420nm harmful light to protect our eyes, skins from hurt , nice choice for office ladies and gentlemen ,also kids 

Which mobile phone film is better

2.Anti-static , some stores need to apply about 10000pcs per day , there will be about 0.3% failure maybe for the glass itself or the environment , for the dust , then anti-static will be the nice one to solve this point , easy stick even there some dust  , no problem then 

Which mobile phone film is better3.Anti-bacterial , as we all known for covid-19, virus happened suddenly , we can not predict it , but from one and one time , we can do something from our daily life to prevent and protect ourselves . mobile phone , tablet , we use them almost per minutes , full of some dust , virus ,then we develop one new glass screen protector , anti-bacterial , which can prevent colibacillus and Staphylococcus aureus , can protect ourself from virus when we touch phones 

Post time: May-27-2021