Why does the tempered glass film break when it is bent

1. Tempered glass has the characteristic of self-explosion

This is because the glass raw materials contain nickel sulfide crystals, which cannot be completely avoided by any existing manufacturing technology in the world. The only way to reduce the probability of spontaneous explosion is to control the purity of the raw materials and the processing technology.

As far as the concept of self-explosion rate is concerned, our country only has national standards for engineering glass on external walls. I wonder whether foreign countries also have detailed regulations on tempered glass used in other industries.

There are at least 3-4 nickel sulfide crystals in a ton of glass raw materials. After this ton of glass is made into several pieces of one-square-meter-sized glass, 3-4 pieces of them will explode. This is the image depiction of self-explosion.

 Why does the tempered glass film break when it is bent

2. There are many inducing factors for the spontaneous explosion of tempered glass

a. For example, whether the glass was accidentally damaged before installation, such as edge chipping, knocking off the feet, etc., because the surrounding area of ​​tempered glass is a weak tempered area, and its strength is even weaker than that of non-tempered glass, but this part of damage is likely to be undesirable It will cause the glass to break immediately, but it will change the internal stress of this piece of glass. When used on the wall, the internal stress gradually changes, causing the glass to break.

b. For example, the difference in temperature changes after installation. Just like what you said, temperature, weather, etc., will make the internal compressive stress of the glass uneven locally and cause bursting.

c. Whether there is the correct size during installation. If the installation is too tight and the specifications are inappropriate, it will cause the internal stress of the glass to change and cause bursting.

d. The rest is external force, including impact, squeeze, etc. It’s not just the impact of manpower, or other objects, or even the wind in nature.

Post time: Dec-30-2021