Why need use tempered glass screen protector instead of PET

Glass material VS Other material

Your first decision is whether you want to go for glass or plastic. Plastic, admittedly, tends to be less expensive and thinner, but it has some cons to it. It can scratch fairly easily and won’t last as long as a glass option will. Opting for this material will leave you with a somewhat altered touch screen experience, as it won’t feel similar to your phone’s bare screen. It likely will, however, cover the entirety of your screen without changing the appearance or being obvious to the eye, as they’re typically around 0.1 millimeters thick.

Glass screen protectors can be pricey but deliver more durability that keeps the device protected. The glass surface provides an experience that’s extremely similar to the touch and feel you’d have if you weren’t using a screen protector. After all, your iPhone’s screen is glass. Glass also has a higher tolerance against scratches in comparison to plastic options. You might notice the edges of the glass screen protector more, as they tend to be slightly thicker (we’re talking between 0.3 and 0.5 millimeters thick). The glass protector aims to re-create the traditional touch screen experience while protecting against damage.

From the function:

Screen protectors can also add more utility to your iPhone. Some models are geared toward reducing blue light or glare, and even add a layer of privacy by blocking the display when viewed from the side. There are also screen protectors that feature antimicrobial coatings that work to reduce the germ spread on the surface of your phone screen. Most guarantee to break down 99% of germs and bacteria (though we can’t guarantee it’s effective against Covid-19). We haven’t gotten the chance to test this yet, but it’s still a bonus feature worth noting. There’s a wide range of screen protectors, which means there’s one that will cover all your needs for keeping your device safe from accidents.

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a screen protector out there for you. Below, we’ve broken out all of our favorite protectors from top brands such as OtterBox, Invisible Shield and more.

Post time: Nov-13-2020